Viral Transport Medium (VTM) ($1.55/Unit, 50 Units/box) Non-Inactivated

Viral Transport Medium (VTM) ($1.55/Unit, 50 Units/box) Non-Inactivated

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[Product Name] Disposable Virus Sampling Tube

[Product Model] Without Swab, Single Swab, Dual-swab

[Package Specification] 50 Sets/Box

[Expected Application] Collection, Transportation, Storage of Specimens

[Test Principle]

Inactivated type: Inactivate the virus in the specimen and effectively guarantee the integrity of virus in the specimen by thoroughly mixing the specimen collected with the virus lysis buffer and preserving liquid for nucleic acid of virus. The specimen collected could be transported and preserved under room temperature. The RNA specimens of virus preserved are widely used in gene detection, enzyme-linked immunosorbent spot assay (ELISA), PCR test, etc.

Non inactivated type: BSA, antibiotics, amino acids and other virus stable components were added on the basis of Hank's solution, which can maintain activity of virus in a wide temperature range, reduce decomposition rate of virus, and improve positive rate of virus separation.

[Main Components]

 Swab and/or cup, tube and so forth containing preserving liquid. Provide under non-aseptic status.

[Storage Conditions and Valid Period]

 The valid period under 2-30℃ is 12 months.

[Operation Steps]

1. Get out the swab, extend it into the position to be sampled, repeat rubbing the mucous membrane for more than 20 times until the swab is thoroughly wet.

2. Screw out the cap of the sample preserving liquid tube, place the sampled swab into the tube, and then break off the handler of the swab.

3. Tighten the cap of the sample preserving liquid tube, number the specimen and thus complete the sampling operation.

4. Store under the temperature of 2-8℃.

[Product Performance] 

After treatment with the preserving liquid, the swab specimen collected

could be preserved stably for three months under the temperature of 2-8℃.


1. The product is applicable for the collection of virus specimen. Operators shall receive professional training programs, and have certain experience and operation skills.

2. The product contains irritating compound. In case of skin contamination, please use clear water or saline solution to flush the contaminated skin immediately.

3. Damaged swab used with the sampling tube may result in inaccuracy of the test results.

4. The product contains skin irritative substance. Please avoid direct contact of the contents with the skin.

5. Please arrange the sampling operation according to the operation instructions.

6. Disposable virus sampling tube beyond the valid period shall not be used.